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The PhotoBookMuseum and Montag Stiftung Kunst und Gesellschaft present in Rostock the Photobook-Exhibition Welt im Umbruch (World in Transition)

2nd till 9th October 2016
every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Rondell at Börgerhus, 18109 Rostock - Groß Klein

The Exhibition introduces 21 artistic positions on the main social changes in our time. Topics are amongst others the current migration movements, effects of globalisation, digitalisation and the climate change plus new dynamics of economic and political crises. The long-range developments, their sources and consequences are publicly discussed often one-dimensional. That notice counts also for images in the news as for pictures in social media. The exhibited photobooks should lead the visitor towards new perspectives.

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Directeur Markus Schaden
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The Carlswerk Edition

19 August to 12 October 2014
Cologne-Mülheim, Carlswerk

Over 30 exhibitions illustrate the wide variety of styles and contents of photobooks from around the world. Of these, one group (PhotoBookHistory) are historical overviews. Another group of exhibitions focus on outstanding examples of current photobooks (NewDocuments). Developed by Markus Schaden, PhotoBookStudies are a completely new way of approaching the PhotoBookStudies. Plus ProjectWork, SpecialRooms and a substantial array of supporting programs.