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PhotoBookStudies: A place of learning

Developed by Markus Schaden, PhotoBookStudies are a completely new way of approaching the photo- book. They are in effect secondary literature presented visually in the form of a rhizomatic map. Large, wooden partitions serve as both bulletin boards and blackboards. Photographs, book pages and other illustrated material are arranged graphically and supplemented by written notes. PhotoBookStudies illustrate the artistic, historical and social origins of a photobook. They also show the people, events and developments that influenced the author in his or her work.

Together with students from the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (Academy of Media Arts in Cologne), Markus Schaden developed, for example, a PhotoBookStudy on Ed van der Elsken’s Love on the Left Bank. This photobook tells a love story in the bohemian scene in Paris of the 1950s and is considered an incunable of this genre. As a gesture of respect to the Swedish photo- grapher Anders Petersen, The_PBM is building a replica of Café Lehmitz. Petersen’s photographs of this famous Hamburg bar were pub- lished in 1978 in a photobook of the same name. Other studies will focus on the work of Stephen Shore, Todd Hido, Susan Meiselas and Daido Moriyama.