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#07 Ricardo Cases

Paloma Al Aire

Pigeons are the poor man’s race horse, they say. This may be the case. However, in Valencia and Murcia, is it not about speed. It is about skillfulness, endurance and splendor. Yes, about splendor. The pigeon’s proud owners paint the male pigeons in the most vibrant and splendid signal colors before they are sent into the race. The goal is to win the female’s favor. So not the one who is back at the home cote first wins, but the one who presents himself successfully. Regarded from a psychological perspective, the pigeons in the macho-spectacle are representatives of their owners, who are mostly old men.

In any case, the Spanish pigeon races are a colorful spectacle like no other in the world. Ricardo Cases’ spiral bound photobook “Paloma Al Aire” (pigeon in the air) was published for the second time in 2014.