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#10 Ali Taptik

Metropol Yesili

“It’s inspiring as a shining example of the very creative new school of Turkish photography“, says Markus Schaden about the latest work of the photographer born in 1981. The rough translation of Metropol Yesili is City Greens. In his photobook by the same name, Ali Taptik collects photos of things like trees in Istanbul with their trunks damaged and so fully engulfed in black resin. He also documents city flower pots scattered on the occasional street corner, boardwalk or against the odd housefront. Even though they’re generally cared for by individuals and obviously improve the aesthetic of the city, the pots and plants seem slightly out of place. The photographer himself describes his collection as an attempt to catalogue different environments plants can live in.

Still, the greens in the city stem from a more symbolic nature, as is mentioned in Georg Simmel’s text which spans throughout the book. In his 1903 book “Die Großstädte und das Geistesleben” (“Metropolises and spiritual life”) the German philosopher and sociologist characterizes the metropolitan individual as one whose individuality and incomparability stems from the way his or her way of life is expressed. Furthermore, the book suggests it should not our task to accuse or forgive, but to understand.