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For years, Cologne has been a German Mecca of photography. It was here that August Sander, Hugo Schmölz, and Chargesheimer worked as did the great promoter of photo- graphy L. Fritz Gruber. Today Cologne is home to photographers such as Candida Höfer, Boris Becker and Wolfgang Zurborn. The photo- graphic collections of Museum Ludwig and the SK Stiftung Kultur are internationally recognized as are galleries specializing in photography such as Thomas Zander and Priska Pasquer.

Cologne’s reputation as the capital of photography is, however, based above all on the first and most important photography trade fair in the world: Photokina. Founded in 1950, this trade fair will take place in 2014 parallel to The_PBM at the Carlswerk. At the same time, the photography festival of Internationale Photoszene Köln will begin under new management and with a new concept. The festival will include over 60 exhibitions and events throughout Cologne.


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