Favourite Photobook 2022

"The book extends its influence" is how French photo portal The Eye of Photography summed up this year's Paris Photo! Countless new photo books, new fairs and more and more publishers: The photo book as a medium is becoming an increasingly serious player in the world of photography. All the more important we see the task of developing and communicating photobook culture in all its facets.

Our three photo books of the year are distinguished by their ability to open up new perspectives and spaces for thought. The reception history of Diane Arbus through her Documents, the "making of" Susan Meisela's legendary Carnival Strippers and Dayanita Singh's innovative look at her own Book Building and the expanded possibilities of dealing with the medium. Three publications that pave the way for a future photobook culture!

Diane Arbus, Documents

This extensive volume, wonderfully designed and produced, brings together all the quotes, correspondences, writings, commentaries, criticisms and an extensive bibliography on, by and about Diane Arbus. We cannot agree more to the quote on the back of the book: "... because what is written will become what is known ...".

Published by David Zwirner Books & Fraenkel Gallery, 2022
Hardcover with exposed spine
21.6 × 27.9 cm  /  496 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-64423-065-7

Susan Meiselas,
Carnival Strippers revisited / Making Of

On the occasion of her exhibition at C/O Berlin Susan Meiselas revisited her 1976 classic Carnival Strippers. Together with a re-edition of her book comes a great "Making Of" containing largely unpublished additional color images, contact sheets, facsimiles of her notebooks and various ephemera. We love it! 

Published by Steidl & C/O Berlin, 2022
Two clothbound hardcovers in slipcase
27.5 × 23.5 cm / 304 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-96999-002-5 

Dayanita Singh,
Book Building

This is Dayanita Singh manifesto for the photobook. Book Building documents the 13 books she did in close cooperation with Gerhard Steidl. Added to her various performative interventions from book carts & suitcases to her museum instalation are detailed instructions on how to display her books as exhibitions—making the viewer the curator of her work. A truly self-proclaimed "offset artist"!


Published by Steidl, 2022
Hardcover / 20.3 × 28.6 cm / 136 Pages
ISBN 978-3-95829-908-5